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We are proud to announce that Claudia Christian has joined us.

Claudia is known from the role of "Susan Ivanova" on the science-fiction series Babylon 5.

We will be back with more detailed information on Claudia's involvement later.

Photo: David Honl

We are about to embark a new adventure unlike any before. The planet is being exploited, mans hunger for blood and meat is killing life. It has become a struggle for survival, not just for us, but for all living beings.

The world need new ideals and new warriors.

In the way stands the enemy. People like the infamous hunter and mastercriminal Nimrod, who looks upon anything that moves as mere pray, to be hunted and killed.

Quietly, the Agency was formed. Multiple intelligence agencies from all over the world came together and coordinated a joint operation, with the single goal of taking down Nimrod and his criminal empire.

Two agents were chosen: A mysterious agent with many identities, with a secret past, and the UN agent Anky S.

Backed up by the best in the business, with the help of sophisticated technology, they attempt the most dangerous mission ever. To take down the menace known to the world only as - Nimrod.